• concurve - An R package that computes thousands of compatibility intervals and their corresponding P- and S-values and plots them all to produce a function.

  • S-value Calculator A calculator that converts P-values into S-values and offers an intuitive way to think about the observed data.


  • About - This may not seem too obvious, but this is a page that describes the purpose of this blog, what I usually write about, and where to go on the blog to find something.

  • Books - A list of books that I’m currently reading, plan on reading, and have completed. Most of the books are related to statistics and research methods and the purpose of this page is to use a sort of social accountability to make sure I finish anything I’ve started.

External Content

  • Trusted Sources - This is a compilation of resources that provide high-quality health and science information. I will continue to update it as frequently as possible.

  • Blog Roll - A list of blogs that I frequently read and subscribe to.

  • Interviews - Uploaded interviews from the Research Digest of prominent researchers/methodologists who are asked about their work and their take on the state of science.

    • Andrew Gelman - A discussion with statistician Andrew Gelman about reproducibility, small studies, and Bayesian statistics.

    • Sander Greenland - Interview with statistician/epidemiologist Sander Greenland about various epidemiological and nutrition studies that have been published in the past few years and the mistakes that several prominent methodologists have made.

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