• About - This may not seem too obvious, but this is a page that describes the purpose of this blog, what I usually write about, and where to go on the blog to find something.

Statistical Tools I’ve Constructed

  • concurve - An R and Stata package that computes thousands of consonance (confidence) intervals and their corresponding P- and S-values and plots them to produce consonance and surprisal functions.

  • S-value Calculator A calculator that converts observed P-values into S-values and offers an intuitive way to think about the observed data.

Personal Content

  • Books - A list of books that I’m currently reading, plan on reading, and have completed. Most of the books are related to statistics and research methods and the purpose of this page is to use a sort of social accountability to make sure I finish anything I’ve started.

  • Build - Details about my experience building this website and what it currently uses to stay afloat and serve content.

External Content

  • Blog Roll - A list of blogs/websites that I frequently read and subscribe to.

  • Trusted Sources - This is a compilation of resources (primarily databases) that provide high-quality health and science information. I will continue to update it as frequently as possible.

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